Shih-Chieh "Ilya" Li

Shih-Chieh "Ilya" Li, a.k.a. Ilya Eric Lee, is an Internet cultural activist, independent researcher, coordinator / project manager and sociology PhD student based in Taipei & Hsinchu, Taiwan.

He has devoted the last decade to open-source and open-culture related projects, and has worked at TELDAP, Taiwan (The e-Learning and Digital Archives Program) since 2004. His personal interest is in strategic planning, participatory knowledge management & narrative architecture.

He currently represents TELDAP on the Culturemondo International Steering Committee, Ilya is also co-Chair of APAN (Asia-Pacific Advance Network) eCulture working group, one of the co-founders of OSGeo, Taiwan, one of the supervisory board members of the Software Liberty Association of Taiwan, and a member of staff at the Social Brain Foundation: All roles which converge on the everyday practices of our information society.
He enjoys interdisciplinary practices and hybridity experiments, theoretical dialogues and methodological adventures. Right now connecting back to the tradition of Science Technology Studies and contextualizing Japanese agriculture innovations are his favorite subjects of study.

He is running Ilyagram (, his experimental, personal media space since 2001.


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