Jeffrey Withaya Campbell

Jeffrey Withaya Campbell is currently engaged by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) as the Technical and Social Media Coordinator for is a platform to inform, collaborate and exchange ideas amongst the arts and cultural communities across Asia and Europe.

The "new" Open Source socially networked community magazine platform will be launched in April 2010. In the spirit of collaboration and shared innovation, the platform will be available for redistribution to any non-profit culture sector organization.

Jeffrey was brought on to the project because of his hybrid IT/Culture sector background. His first degree was in Multimedia Design and Technology. In 2000 he was part of a team developing the online community @ From there he went on to the internationally recognized Technology for Social Justice, Reach for the Clouds Project, a "resident-maintained networked community" in an ethnically-diverse, low-income, public housing estate in Melbourne, Australia. It was from these early experiences, that he became fascinated with the Internet and all its possibilities, particularly community building and participation.

In 2004-7 he completed a Master in Sustainable Heritage Development at the Australian National University and worked in an ICT capacity at UNESCO Bangkok's Culture Unit and The Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (BJCHP). There he witnessed first hand the difficulties the culture sector faced attempting to harness the power of the Internet, with limited IT skills and financial resources.

During 2007-8 he worked on the Australian Greens Party Federal election campaign's new media team and was witness to, and participant of, the evolution of, the largest and fastest-growing participatory news network in the world. His blog was voted best English language education blog in Taiwan in 2008.

Jeffrey is a keen advocate of Creative Commons and Open Source technologies, as they are essential tools and platforms for new media arts and culture, and represent cultures of collaboration, sharing and promotion of access to tools and knowledge.

He is currently considering a PhD program at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Graduate School of Culture Technology (GSCT).

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