Byong-jin YOO

Byong-jin YOO 유병진
Coordinator of, Korea Arts Management Service

Byong-jin Yoo has been working as arts manager and administrator for 7 years.

He starts his arts management career at Seoul Fringe Festival, which is organized by Seoul Fringe Network. In Seoul Fringe Festival, he handled film and visual arts program, but he also coordinated overseas programs regardless of its disciplinary. Besides of coordinating festival, Seoul Fringe Network supports many emerging artists by associated program and administrational help. He co-worked with some arts groups as a tour manager or publicity manager. He researched several Asian countries for mapping independent arts organizations and venues which aims for supporting emerging and experimental artists and arts group. As a result, Seoul Fringe Network hosts ‘Next Wave Asia’ meeting with Fringe Club (HK), The Substation (Singapore), Five Arts Centre (Malaysia) and Taipei Artists Village (Taiwan).

After he had been working in Seoul fringe Network, he has been work at Korea Arts Management Service. He participates writing a manual book , which give information and know-how of successfully make show in Edinburgh for Korean performing arts Group. Then, he work as coordinator of


South Korea
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