About Culture Mondo Network Asia-Pacific Secretariat

CultureMondo Network, founded in 2005, has gradually become an extremely important international organization that links culture portals scattered around the world and the digital cultural workers together. TELDAP was invited to participate as steering committee member starting from the very beginning. The Roundtable Meetings held by the CultureMondo Network has managed to support many international cultural collaborations among participants from all over the world, therefore attracted United Nations Educational, Scientific and Culture Organization’s (UNESCO’s) attention. UNESCO has been aggressively participating in most of the CultureMondo events. Taiwan, because of its sensitive political situation, has always lacked of this kind of global connections. Actively participating in this international organization should provide Taiwan a great chance to get involve with many international cultural-related events, and even play a crucial role in the future.

International Collaboration and Promotion of Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program therefore made the effort to participate in CultureMondo Network as one of the important missions for the Program. After a long negotiation with the Secretariat of CultureMondo Network, CultureMondo Network has agreed to establish its Asia-Pacific Secretariat division here in Taiwan, and held its first Asia-Pacific region Roundtable Meeting in Taipei. The 2008 Taipei Roundtable Meeting, planned and managed by the Asia-Pacific Secretariat, was a great success. With 34 participants who represented 17 culture-related portals from 21 countries, the Meeting was focused on the complex relationship among culture, heritage and digital culture. This year, we further planned to work with the e-Culture Working Group of Asia Pacific Advanced Network to hold the 1st Asia-Pacific Cultural Portals Summit in Taiwan.

In the year of 2010, we plan to make good use of the existing CultureMondo Network to help promoting TELDAP’s many accomplishments, no matter whether there are technology breakthrough in digital archiving and/or learning, or the invaluable data from the digital archive database. We also plan to hold an international conference to discuss “Sustainability of Culture Portals.” Speakers will be either from the participants of 2008 and 2009 Roundtable Meeting and Summit, or project leaders from TELDAP. With all the expertise from all over the world, we should be able to come up with good strategies and working practices that should help all culture portals in the world to find ways to sustain in this extremely competitive world.

For more information, please visite our project website at http://collab.teldap.tw/index.php/archives/88 .

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