Engaging Global Cultural Networks (Culturemondo)

2010-01-22 15:30 - 16:30
Jackie Hay

Culturemondo is a network of people who are running, managing, building or editing cultural portals around the world. It’s an open network and each year members meet to share knowledge, skills, experience and discuss best practise, issues and the latest changes in culture and technology.

The Culturemondo network is now five years old. During that time it has successfully facilitated collaboration and strategic knowledge exchange, as well as built capability, engaged and informed the international specialists working in this area. The 2009 report: 5 years on: where are we headed? looks at Culturemondo’s development and at how the digital landscape and the cultural sector have changed. The challenge in the report is to envisage the future direction and role of Culturemondo. As the first regional Culturemondo forum, the Asia-Pacific Summit is an appropriate place to debate those possibilities.

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