Boncheol Goo

Job Title: 
Visiting Professor

Boncheol Goo received his B.A./M.A. in composition in 1992 from Chungnam National University in Korea, Diploma in computer music (advisor Robert HP Platz) in 1996 from Maastricht Conservatorium in Holland, and is currently a visiting professor of Graduate School of Culture Technology at KAIST, Korea. Goo directed several networked performances, such as 'I-M-Age' between Vancouver and Korea, 'Memory' between NYU and Korea in 2010 and 'NetBand' between Tokyo and Korea in 2009 and digital performance 'Syntasia' reported in Newsweek dated August 6, 2007. Currently, Goo's mission is to explore new entertainment utilizing sounds, which will be common in the near future, based on high-speed networks and interaction.


South Korea
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