Networked Performance as a New Media

2010-12-15 15:20 - 16:00
Boncheol Goo

Universally, as the technical race for the ultra-high speed network is heating up, the future internet is creating a value as a new media and its cultural usage is increasing as the society's fundamental equipment. As this ultra-high speed network is introduced into the future performance technology such as networked musical performances and transmission of 4K video in real time, the biggest two challenges that have to be solved are delay and interaction. Even so, the ultra-high speed network, as a means of future performance's new media, can help overcome the physical limitations of space when the network technology is used in performing stages. It will become the foundation for future performance technology for everyone around the world to simultaneously enjoy because anyone, anywhere can easily access it. The research for improving "actual feeling" communication may be applied in various fields such as long-distance education, game, medical service, tour, etc.

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