When Culture Meets Technology, How Arts Can Say?

2010-12-15 17:10 - 17:50

How the intangible cultural heritage can be expressed to create multiplied value to our assets by the appropriate technology is one of the issues that we are working with the Ministry of Culture. In July 2009, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Science and Technology has announced the cooperation in six areas of Historical Park, Archaeology and Museum, Local Wisdom, Thai Dancing Art, Library and Archive, Contemporary Art and Culture. Among the cooperation, the RFID-based museum guiding system, mobile phone travel planning and festival information system, cultural information cultivating system, weaving pattern database system, Khon performance management system, and 3D audio system has been gradually revealed to exhibit the results from cultivation of the culture.

To ground the support of value creation from the culture, the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) has also started the Digitized Thailand project since 2009. The Digitized Thailand is a NECTEC’s flagship project to demonstrate the integration of technology developments, which have been done within NECTEC for over two decades. Its goal is to establish a prominent digital information infrastructure and a new information service platform that will eventually be developed into the national “intelligent” knowledge center. Set to be the long-term project, DT is divided into four development phases; Accumulating; Knowledging; Understanding; and Problem Solving. The first phase, which is run during 2009 to 2011, starts from accumulating all physical and digital data in Thailand as well as related technological tools to develop the national digital archive. Once the collection of information and tools is adequate, the next development is to utilize digital resources for knowledge creation. In the third phase, the project will move forwards to developing a system that can extract knowledge and importantly, make its own understanding on new phenomenon. This stage is an essential foundation for the last development phase, which is to develop a system that can analyze and make its own decision for problem solving. During the first three years, NECTEC begins the accumulation process by creating partnerships with various organizations including national and local libraries as well as institutions and universities to convert the country’s significant data such as history, art, culture, local wisdom and rare documents into digital format. It also worked with regional universities to digitize cultural information and local wisdom of Lanna Kingdom in the northern part of Thailand and from communities in northeastern region under Digitized Lanna and Digitized Isan project. Once each element is integrated, NECTEC believes that it will bring to the emergence of “Digital Information Infrastructure” in which information can be shared and processed to generate new knowledge to Thai people digitally.

Under the plan, NECTEC will develop a new “service platform” that allows people and businesses to access various kinds of digital information services while bring digital knowledge to elevate their life, widen their education or even make new business development. The platform will be built upon “Cloud Computing” infrastructure to offer a variety of digital services under the concept of Platform as a Service (PaaS). Called DT PaaS, the service platform is designed to be an online marketplace in which a range of digital contents, information services and technological tools are accumulated. People can access to digital archives and technological tools or even utilize them for new commercial service development. The marketplace will comprise of three main areas; the Digital Content area; the Technology/Application Tools area; and the Solution area.

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