Connecting Museums with Linked Data

2010-12-14 14:40 - 15:20
Hideaki Takeda

Linked Data is a promising way to publish data on the web. Linked Data is to publish data with RDF including links to other sites openly. It is “web of data” which enables computers to process the contents, while the traditional Web with HTML is “web of documents” which is just for human. LOD (Linking Open Data) cloud which is the while network of Linked Data is growing day by day and contains more than billion triples. Open and sharable nature of Linked Data is suitable for data publishing on culture. We started to build the Linked Data site for museum data called “LODAC-Museum.” We gather and connect information on museums such as collections, creators, and museums themselves. We currently use an art work thesaurus, a database of registered cultural properties, and fourteen museum collections. The number of data is now over a hundred million items. The users can search works with this site not only by any keywords, but also by any metadata such as creators. We plan to extend this site to cover over a hundred museums in Japan.

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