Virtuality vs Reality - Online World

議程主持人:蕭景燈(計畫主持人, 數位典藏與學習之學術與社會應用推廣計畫 - Daodin 社會網路服務系統)
2010-12-14 14:40 - 15:20
Hideaki Takeda

Linked Data is a promising way to publish data on the web. Linked Data is to publish data with RDF including links to other sites openly. It is “web of data” which enables computers to process the contents, while the traditional Web with HTML is “web of documents” which is just for human. LOD (Linking Open Data) cloud which is the while network of Linked Data is growing day by day and contains more than billion triples. Open and sharable nature of Linked Data is suitable for data publishing on culture.

2010-12-14 14:00 - 14:40
Chiung-Min Tsai

Virtual museums are experiencing new challenges. While the past emphasis has been on increasing access to museums via interactive presentation, virtual museums are now seeking to create immersive environments that place the museum visitors in a representation of the museum, not just viewing information about the collection. 3D information will allow students and teachers to have an immersive, lean-forward, and seamless educational museum experience. The presentation overviews current approaches to virtual museums and discuss the application of 3D information on museum environments.

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